Ode to Keywords

There once was a writer of fiction
Who romanced her readers with diction;
She peppered her prose,
With words like ‘dachshund,’ ‘chick lit,’ and ‘ho’s,’
Now google seeks out her musings with conviction.


Has anyone had any interesting experiences with keywords? Are they really the google magnets book promoters claim them to be?
In case you couldn’t pick them out, my keywords are: romance, chick lit, fiction, love, dating, writing, online dating, women readers and Can lit. (I couldn’t find a rhyming word for Can lit.) What keywords have you found to be most successful?

Thanks for tuning in,
(Writer/reader of romantic women’s chick lit online dating fiction)

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Movie Review: A Star is Born

I’m not a fan of sad movies. If people need something to cry about, why not just watch the news? This film, however, is well worth the cost of the Kleenex.

Its a three-make, so everyone knows the story. He’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock n roll. Her star is ascending, his has fallen and it can’t get up.

But what really makes this movie shine, are the exceptional performances of its stars. Bradly Cooper slouches into his crooner cowboy boots so easily, you’ll forget he’s an actor and start watching for him at next year’s CMA awards. Few women have the big vocals and matching proboscis to carry the torch passed from Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand, but Lady Gaga glides effortlessly from Parisian to country to pop without missing a beat. Sam Elliot, poster boy for post menopausal women worldwide, rounds out a perfect cast.

A word of caution; if you can’t tolerate swearing, this f@#*!n movie isn’t for you. Cooper fires off the F bomb more frequently than Donald Trump dumps White House administrative staff.

Otherwise, the movie was Music to My Eyes.