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Kudos for Love Ledgers

“An engaging entry into a popular literary genre, Love Ledgers is reminiscent of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Sex and the City. Believable and spirited, Lukey’s novel delivers an enjoyable read.” – BlueInk Review

“Lukey excels at environmental descriptions and scene setting… her dialogue is consistently funny.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A coming of age novel for forty year old women who walk to the beat of a different drum.” – AK, Amazon

“This is an exceptionally enjoyable read. Chick lit lovers will adore it.” – Artisan Book Reviews

“I loved it…..such a relatable and humorous book because of Jane’s upbringing in Owen Sound.” – Goodreads Review

“Lukey has a way with words that draws the reader in……….I laughed out loud on several occasions.” – Chick Lit Cafe

“Exceptional….You’ll want to smack people upside the head, cry at the sad parts, and laugh yourself silly the rest of the time!” – Jan, Goodreads

“The good storyline and likeable characters kept my interest throughout the entire book.” – Pat, Amazon

“Very entertaining…………it changes the stereotype of accountants.” – Murray, Amazon

“I loved Love Ledgers…..it is filled with wit and humour.” – Ella, Library Thing


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