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Love Ledgers – About


BlueInk Review describes Love Ledgers like this:

In this entertaining chick lit confessional, Connie Lukey chronicles a year in the life of a young Canadian woman to determined to find love and happiness by her 40th birthday.

Jane Parker has just turned 39. Smart and practical, she surrenders an intended fashion career to become a CPA, because no one’s ever heard of  “a starving accountant.” She’s a proud independent woman of the ’90s, but with a ticking biological clock, she feels she’ll always be Jane, “The One Who Never Got Married.”

Then, a self-help book from her younger, married sister about finding your soul mate in under a year suddenly puts Jane on a mission. With the help of family, friends, co-workers and her dachshund “Wanker,” Lukey’s fictional heroine navigates the dating minefields.


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