Book Review: How Hard Can It Be? – Allison Pearson

I was afraid to read this book.

“I Don’t Know How She Does It” is one of my all time favourite books, with Kate Reddy as my super heroine. That being said, I didn’t want to read anything that might desecrate the sanctity of Pearson’s first novel.

My fears, as it turned out, were completely unfounded.

Age may have eroded Kate’s memory banks, but her razor sharp wit has been honed to scalpel precision. I laughed and cried, but mostly, I empathized.

As a 56-year-old card carrying member of the sandwich generation, I’m well versed in the trials and tribulations of the menopausal mama. Juggling demanding kids, jobs, parents and assorted dementia inflicted family members while enduring sleep deprivation and hot flashes isn’t an easy concept to convey to readers, but Pearson nails it.

I don’t know how she does it, but she’s done it again.

Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant by Connie Lukey

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Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant


In this entertaining chic-lit confessional, Connie Lukey chronicles a year in the life of a young Canadian woman determined to find love and happiness by her 40th birthday.

Jane Parker has just turned 39. Smart and practical, she surrenders an intended fashion career to become a CPA, because no one’s ever heard of “a starving accountant.” She’s a proud independent woman of the 90’s, but with a ticking biological clock, she feels she’ll somehow always be Jane, “The One Who Never Got Married.”

Then, a self-help book from her younger, married sister about finding your soulmate in under a year suddenly puts Jane on a mission. With the help of family, friends, co-workers and her dachshund “Wanker,” Anderson’s fictional heroine navigates the dating minefields.


Jane Parker is 39 years old. She feels the need to find love, happiness and a…

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In addition to Amazon, the paperback edition of Love Ledgers is available in the following bookstores:

Phoenix Book Store – 980 2nd Ave, Owen Sound, Ontario

The Book Keeper – 500 Exmouth St, Sarnia, Ontario

Book Express – Cambridge Centre, 355 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge, Ontario

Chapters – 737 Golf Links Road, Ancaster, Ontario

In Praise of Passionate Accountants


For centuries there have been books, movies and television shows dedicated to doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters, waiters, comedians, writers and pilots. There’s even been a show about nothing. But we’ve yet to see a television show about accountants.


In my experience, on the rare occasions when accountants do pop up onscreen they tend to be stereotyped into the following categories:


a)       The bald nerd accountant, who bores his hapless blind date to the brink of insanity


b)      The extremely nervous mob accountant, who gets caught with sticky fingers and eventually meets with an untimely end


Female film accountants have fared no better. Most are portrayed as repressed, grey suited anal rententives, their bespectacled faces pinched from years of sporting overly tight up dos. They appear to be carrying the torch for the Marian the librarians of yesteryear.


As someone who has worked closely with accountants for over 30 years, I feel that this blatant stereotyping must come to an end. The accountants I’ve known are mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters and friends. They run marathons and play musical instruments. They read great books, travel to exotic countries, adopt rescue animals, coach kid’s sports, support local charities and get involved in their communities. They are passionate, hard working, interesting individuals who bare no resemblance to the one-dimensional cookie cutter characters the entertainment industry continuously cranks out.  


I wrote the fiction novel Love Ledgers because I wanted to break the mold and create an accountant heroine who was funny and entertaining. Jane is far from perfect, but she puts her whole heart into everything she does.


And so this January, as we head into yet another tax season, let us pause for a moment to thank those unsung heroes who’ll be crunching numbers through the long days and nights for many weeks to come. Like the postal service of yore, neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night will stay these courageous analysts from getting our tax returns filed on time.


We raise our glass to you my friends.






Ode to Keywords

There once was a writer of fiction
Who romanced her readers with diction;
She peppered her prose,
With words like ‘dachshund,’ ‘chick lit,’ and ‘ho’s,’
Now google seeks out her musings with conviction.


Has anyone had any interesting experiences with keywords? Are they really the google magnets book promoters claim them to be?
In case you couldn’t pick them out, my keywords are: romance, chick lit, fiction, love, dating, writing, online dating, women readers and Can lit. (I couldn’t find a rhyming word for Can lit.) What keywords have you found to be most successful?

Thanks for tuning in,
(Writer/reader of romantic women’s chick lit online dating fiction)

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